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We understand the benefit one can obtain from hearing aids that are customized to one's personal needs. Together with you, we will find the best solution that suits your hearing loss needs, aesthetics, lifestyle, and budget.

Types of Hearing Aids


We have a wide range of hearing aid types:

Invisible hearing aids, In-the-ear hearing aids, Behind-the-ear hearing aids, Rechargeable hearing aids, Powerful hearing aids, Hearing aids and Accessories for children and adults who have CAPD (FM System/LGHA).

The cost of your hearing aids varies based on technology levels, not on what the hearing aid looks like. The cost of the hearing aid determines how many features the hearing aid offers and the customization levels, this can influence the quality of sound you will receive. These benefits are noted in different listening environments.

Chantal has extensive training with all hearing aid companies, she has a particular interest in using technology with Oticon, Widex, Phonak, Unitron, and Signia. We have the most advanced hearing technologies available to offer you comprehensive hearing care. We are contracted to all medical aids and work with a range of hearing aids to suit your individual hearing needs, lifestyle, aesthetics, and budget.


How Can Hearing Aids Help Me?

Crisp and natural sound quality.

Brilliant speech understanding.

Personalized noise canceling to assist you in hearing speech in noisy environments.

Tinnitus programs to assist with managing the ringing in your ears.

Accessories for direct speech signal to your hearing aids for those who are in school or at the office.

Connects to smartphones, TV's, and more.

Empowering smart apps on your smart devices for easier control over your hearing aids.

Not Sure if You Want or Need a Hearing Aid?

Give us a call or book for a no-pressure consult where we can discuss the different hearing aid options that are suitable for you.
We provide hearing aid trials for you to try out the technology before making a commitment.
We are also contracted to all medical aids and work hand-in-hand with them to ensure you don't have to be paying more than you need to.
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